Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Shear Madness Challenge: Anything Goes!

Shear Madness is one of those blogs that I love following, just to see the amazing variety of awesomeness that is out there in the costuming world.  Their tag line is "The joy of impractical costuming," which is kind of an awesome summary of what this hobby can be, at times.  They hold quarterly challenges with varying themes which I often intend to enter, but often fall short of getting my shit together in time.  Their end of the year challenge was "Anything Goes," which easily translates into "all of those things you meant to enter earlier, but didn't get around to.  

To make a rambling story less rambly, costume bestie was over for the holidays and was all "Hey, you're about done with a thing.  You should enter it."  Cue an 11:30 sub zero front porch photo shoot ahead of a midnight deadline and Viola!  First place in the historical category.

We crammed about 20 pics into 90 seconds, it was so cold out there.  The hemline is cut off in every picture because I totally cheated and wore flip flops, we were in that much of a hurry.

Non-functional anchor button embellishment and sneaky hook-n-eye closures.

So.  Much.  Trim!  I feel like I owe my sewing machine a spa day for this one.  In put the trim on after the skirt had been finished and hung up for a good long time, because I'd have cried if those lines warped due to heavy wool skirt sag.
I tried to get the majestic beast to pose for pictures with me, but she was having none of that.  But it gives you a good look at the top of my hat.  Re-shaped thrift find with thrifted ribbons and a pair of mallard duck wings for decoration.  The wings were WAY more affordable then I anticipated.  Pro tip, shop in the fly fishing supply section for feathers.

Check out all of the amazing winners here.  And if you feel that your day would be brightened with a dose of costume nonsense, their Facebook group is totally worth following.