Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HSF #24 Redo, Part the Second: Pretty, Pretty Princess needs a pair of Engagantes

From our Challenger: This one is super easy. Pick any previous challenge and re-do it (or do it for the first time).

My second pick up is to redo challenge #12: Pretty, Pretty Princess, which was due on June 17th.  I had originally planned to do a cheeky play on this and make up a long-sleeved, all black velvet bodice to pair with the black taffeta skirt and black velvet over skirt that fits over my bustle as a nod to Queen Victoria and the tremendous impact on mourning culture she had when she dealt with the death of her husband by wearing mourning for the remainder of her life.  Well, that obviously never materialized.  But what has happened since June has been me signing up for the 18th Century Court Ensemble sew along hosted by Demode.  I'm planning to do some of the foundations for that dress early in the HSF 2014, but to get me started, I've done up a pair of detachable engageantes.

The gown I'm recreating on Queen Maria Carolina.

The lace was sewn together with a flat felled seam which would lay unobtrusive between the forearm and body.

Laying out flat with the raw edges gathered and bound with rayon ribbon.

I pinned them into the project currently occupying my dress form to give you an idea of how they'll
be worn.  The rayon ribbon binding will be hand sewn to the inside of the cuff of my court gown.

Just the Facts:

The Challenge: #24 Redo, Redoing #12: Pretty, Pretty Princess
Fabric: 4 yds nylon chantilly lace
Pattern: self-drafted
Year: 1770s
Notions: rayon ribbon, cotton thread
How historically accurate is it? meh, 5/10
Hours to complete: 4
First worn: need a dress to stitch it to
Total cost: $50, lace is expensive, yo.

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