Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Costume College 2014: Studio Pictures

I'm going to start by saying that the photo studio set up for Costume College is perhaps the most brilliant I have ever seen.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, the convention arranges for a professional photographer to come in and set up their area.  Attendees can then purchase a pass in the form of a badge ribbon for $1.  That pass allows them to come to the studio as often as they like, getting professional shots documenting all of their costumes (excepting those worn on Thursday night, before the con properly gets underway).  Then you go to the photographer's website to view the proofs of yourself and everyone else who visited the studio, purchasing what you'd like a copy of.  The "low res" copies cost just $2 each.  Being one of those people who isn't too great at getting around to getting nice pictures taken of me at con, this set up was brilliant.  Meaning I now have great documentation of all of my costumes in excellent lighting, while I was dressed up with the hair and makeup and all the accessories.

So now, a PROPER summary of what I wore to Costume College:

Thursday night Tiki Pool Party
Hibiscus kimono and hand-painted haori jacket
(not from the studio, but I wanted a complete lineup)
Friday Night "Club Ice" Ice Cream Social
1920s Mr Freeze

Victoria and I had the same idea on Saturday morning; we both showed up wearing white neckerchiefs over hair that was half-done up for the Gala that night.  The fact that we also ended up in green tops and jeans was just too funny not to document.

Saturday morning: oh crap I have a class to get to and my hair is only half-done!

Saturday Night's Gala
18th century court ensemble

Sunday Morning Breakfast
18th century short gown w/ cotton petticoat and whitework embroidery apron

Sunday Afternoon Tea: Ladies' Day at the Ascot
18th c Chemise a la Reine

Ah.  And NOW I'm finally done posting about Costume College, at least until we start plotting for next year.


  1. Yay! I love the way your photo's turned out. I wasn't a hundred percent happy with mine, but that may have more to do with not being particularly happy with the costumes themselves. I love being able to see some of the details you don't notice when yo are actually talking to someone. I don't remember seeing you at all Sunday morning, but I slept kind of late.

    1. I love my photos, but yeah, the problem with being the maker is that you instantly zoom in on all the little things that need to be changed. For so many people, I remember their hat, but not the dress if they were sitting down. Or what their hair looked like before all the dancing, so all of those images were great fun to troll through. Or hell, even seeing views of your own costumes that you've never seen. I tried to make sure that I had a back view of most of my costumes, simply because I've never seen what it looks like. Was VERY helpful now that I'm planning to go back and adjust the fit on my court gown. And my Sunday morning outfit was only worn for about two hours. I came down to breakfast late, ran to one program, then bolted upstairs to change for the tea. Not going to the tea next year will help a bit, as I'll just wear my breakfast outfit for the rest of the day.

  2. Lovely collection...of both photos and costumes. I hope I can see some of these in person (maybe at Costume Con...).

    1. I'm sure at least a few of these will make it to Charleston. I'm particulary fond of that chemise dress, so it'll get lots of wear. And the kimono outfit is a combination of mine and my mother's from the Single Pattern contest in Tempe.